Natchez Trace SP

Twenty-five hikers trekked in Natchez Trace State Park and Forest on Saturday, April 12th. With such a diverse group of hikers, it has become necessary to form a couple of groups. Group one set off around cub lake for the 3.5 mile loop while the faster hikers started from the Rec Lodge and headed north the 6 miles to I-40, then hiked part way back.

After a mile and a half or so, group one navigated a beaver dam. Unfortunately, Nola the trail dog got bit by a cotton mouth snake and had to be carried out an exit trail by the group leader and another member. The group pressed on though and fared well the rest  of the hike.

The second group kept a quick pace and finished their 7 mile hike on the Red Leaves Trail in as much time as it took the first group to finish their shorter 3.5 mile hike, just in time to get ahold of a ranger back to the hike starting point and then off to the vet.

Climb Nashville (3/27/10)

On a beautiful Saturday in March, eight of us trekked down to Climb Nashville, one of the south's premier indoor rock climbing gyms. For many, this was their first foray into climbing.

After some belay lessons, several went top-roping while other stuck on the boulder wall. Future climbing trips are being planned, both indoor and outdoor!

Pictured left: Trip Leader Michelle Abt and Lilly Rachels working some bouldering problems.

Below pictured left to right are Lilly Rachels, Michelle Abt, Ali Al Halil, Steven Martens, Anne Boeker, Scott Pun, Haley Redden, and Hunter Branon.

See more pics here.