Garrett Lake after Winter Storm - Jan. 30th

Friday the 29th brought lots of snow and severe weather all over the southeast. With severe weather comes hazardous travel conditions, but that wasn't enough to stop this dedicated, young and enthusiastic crew! With 10 expected before weather struck, 5 met early Saturday morning for a very chilly and potentially treacherous trip to the trailhead. With 6 inches or so of snow, we changed the destination from Bell Smith Springs (1.75 hrs away) to Garrett Lake (25 min. away) knowing that the time needed to get to any destination would be doubled.

Unfortunately, bad conditions stopped one of the cars 2.1 miles from the trail head. We pulled over and hiked the road leading to the trail and continued on the trail for about a mile. The wind was sharp on an exposed dam on the south side of the lake, so we turned around and headed back to the cars.

After the trip, we stopped by the Cowboy Cafe for a late, greasy breakfast. When most were hunkering down due to bad weather, we braved the roads and enjoyed a cold, but peaceful morning in the snow.

Adventurers: Scott Pun, Courtney House, Katie Potter, Cory Oliver, Jesse Bosack, and Nola the trail dog.

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